Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a snow day......Ashlie, Lindsey and Westyn Mendenhall are burying Brittanie! IT looks so cold!

Brittanie in serving at the volleyball tourneyment in Sutherland

Just a update, I went to Omaha for another MRI and Dr. Thorell said that there is something small that is showing up....he thought it is scar tissue. After reviewing it with other doctors at the brain tumor board....they want me to go back in December for another MRI... I was bummed but am trusting God that everything will be ok.

Ashlie and Bugg in the corn maze!


Brittanie on Shelby's horse!

Ashlie, Bugg the alpacka, Judy and Bugg(Ryley)

The annual trip to Cox's Pond.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well, just wanted to give everyone an update on our family! We are now all feeling well! My surgery went very well. They said my tumor was an astrcytoma, a very unsual tumor from the beginning. They are almost 100% sure that it will not come back! I go back to Omaha for another MRI and to see Dr. Thorell on September 28 and 29th. God is good!

I was blessed with some wonderful people to help me this summer. I want to thank everyone who helped with meals, cleaning, yard work, laundry, running the girls around and taking care of the daycare. I still wish I had my cleaning and laundry service though! Ha! Ha!

Brittanie is doing well too! She had her tonsils out unexpectedly the week before school started! It took here awhile to recover but she is back to normal!

I'm now praying for other members of our family, as they have cancer! I think it's time for out families to be healthy for the next 20 years!

Thank you everyone for your prayers! I believe all things come with a purpose, God showed up in our lives in so many ways... I love him more everyday!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The time has come when I go back to Omaha!!! On the 7th of July I go and see that aneseologist and have another MRI. Then at 6:30 a.m.(CT) I have surgery! I'm getting nervous now but I know that I have God on my side and will do just fine!

I want to take this time to thank everyone who has been praying for our family.

I love you all!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well, WE HAVE A DATE!!!! I will go to Omaha on the 7th of July to do another brain MRI and then on the 8th of July I will be having surgery!!

Now I just need to get my ducks in a row and get everything done and arranged!!